Shazia Bibi plays Nadia.

Shazia is a bilingual artist who has graduated in English Literature and Drama from University of Huddersfield. As well as acting, she writes and dances. As a performer and writer, Shazia believes that art and media have the power to share and represent stories and messages from around the world. One of the reasons Shazia was attracted to the story of Nadia and Bradley was because despite their different backgrounds, ultimately they were two young individual’s seeking something bigger than themselves. More information on Shazia Bibi can be found on her website


Kaz Sangha plays Rashid, Nadia's cousin.


Neerja Sethi plays Amna, Nadia's Mum.


Jenna Downs plays nursery assistant Karen


James Nelson-Joyce plays Bradley.


Rebecca Crankshaw plays Marie,

Bradley's Mum. 

Rebecca Crankshaw has worked in theatre, film and television for the past ten years. She is also a voice artist, working on numerous Pinewood-Shepperton projects, and is the voice of Zeera Voss in Blake's 7, for Big Finish. Rebecca got on board with BEE as soon as she read the script, being both a lover of great writing, and all things Mancunian!


Nakib Narat plays Farid, Nadia's Dad.

Joanne Holroyd, a non-actor, serves Bradley in the cafe. 

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